Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is It Summer Yet?

This pup...who would have ever thought that one family could fall so head over heels in love with one funny looking scaredy dog???

I did.


 Birthday celebrations continue for weeks and weeks around these parts.  I had a BIG birthday followed by Mother's Day followed by that guy that I like so much's birthday.  We'll coast for a few weeks and then there's Father's Day and our anniversary....that's a lotta bubbly in a 6 week period of time.

And then?  Then there's nothing until next May when we do it all over again.  But until then...cheers!

We had lunch on that guy that I like so much's birthday at Carthay Circle in Disney.  The whole ambiance of that place is absolutely incredible and I'm so happy a friend of ours told us we should go.  

It's built to look old...old as in the 1930's?  Dim lights, comfy chairs, impeccable food.

It might've only been lunch but hey...we're now (gulp) in our 50's and so a cocktail was in order.  Old school cocktails that made me feel classy and let me tell you, I haven't been feeling so classy lately.

But the glassware alone is pretty darn gorgeous.

And then they kept bringing us things to try and I just want to go back.  Everything was so good!  Do we really have to go back into that 'we've got a boy in college' way of life?

Yes.  Sigh.  We do.

But until then we're having some fun.

My neighborhood has exploded in a cloud of purple.  I had never seen purple trees until I moved here and they are so very very pretty...sticky, but pretty.

I love springtime.


That guy that I like so much was honored for 20 years of service and scored a ginormous statue.  In real life it's beautiful and for now it's going to sit on the kitchen counter so everyone can ooh and ahh over it but then,  I think it's going to live in his office.

The statue...not that guy that I like so much.

My work year is winding down in time but not in things that need to be done.  Everyone wants everything done yesterday and everyone is just plain 'ol grumpy.  I am SO thankful for what happens once 4:00pm rolls around...the cooking of something or other for this family to eat, a bottle of wine being opened, candles and music in the garden.

I love what happens there so much and I find myself daydreaming about it all day long.

I feel like God is pushing me to do more with this space we call our 'garden'... and I'm not even sure what that means yet.  More as in the physical part of feeding or the emotional or the spiritual?  I'm not sure but the gate keeps opening and people continue to gather.  The conversations that happen there are almost sacred...dreams are shared.  Tears are shed.  Prayers are prayed.

And the laughter?  Oh, how I love the laughter.

A shift is happening here on my blog, too.  This space that I write on, ahouseful of boys, was created when I had a houseful of boys.  I began writing as a way of journaling their childhoods...this is each of their baby books.  In a few months, this little house on this little street will become something that it has never been before...a little house on a little street without any children living in it.

Oh boy.

I spoke about that transition at a conference a few months back and was approached by an editor...I had also mentioned that I had an idea I was toying with for another space on the world wide web and in my dreamland, in a real book.  With pages.  That I write.  She asked for an outline and I gave her a mini version along with a beginning chapter and it came back with so much red ink that it looked as if someone had died on the page.

And with it, my dream died a bit too.  But then she wrote seven words.  

I like it.  Very much.  Call me.

Will it ever become the book that I've dreamed so long of?  Who knows.  Will I merge this space over to that space?  Who knows.  (Seriously... who knows how to even do that?  Haha.)  I'm still firmly parked here but hmmmm...I'm getting itchy to move.

Back to work for me.  Three more weeks.  Three more weeks.  Three more weeks.

Three.  More.  Weeks.


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