Monday, April 18, 2016

They're All Home

Our refrigerator died a quick (yet painful for us) death and once pulled out I saw snippets of our past life...our little house on our little street has been varying shades of yellow over the years.

And almost a shade of green at one point, too.


Friday night was a surprise party for our friend at a billiard hall with a super fun 80's cover band.  

My middle boy....oh, how I love this kid.  I had a mom talk to me this weekend - her son is giving them a run for their money and she dropped the phrase 'I know you won't understand this because your kids are all so good...'.  I've used that phrase when talking to people before too and it is such a stupid phrase because hello...are any of these kids perfect and why do we as moms put that pressure on ourselves????

But yeah...this kid was an exciting one to raise and yeah, he's grown up and has become a responsible young man who no longer keeps me awake all night long.

I like this side of things better.


The best advice I can give to moms who are raising boys?

Cling to other moms who are raising boys...especially moms who love your boys like they are one of their own.  

Trust me.  It's important.

 Saturday night we held a surprise party for that same friend and gathered his favorite people in the garden for a birthday dinner.

This picture below sums up what I have dreamed of...a long table with people gathered around it.  They're all fed and are spending the evening talking and laughing.  The music playing is in the background, yet just loud enough where you'll occasionally hear an 'oh...I love this song!'  Often times it's then turned up long enough for people to have a dance or two.  The food is never fancy but it's plentiful...and so is the wine.

Something magical happens in this space when people becomes a safe place for deep conversations and deep laughter.

We dreamed of this.  A long time ago we traveled and ate in a garden in a faraway country...a small garden with twinkly lights and prosecco that was served in little glass pitchers.  A garden where locals gathered....where all the friends and neighbors arrived as the sun was setting and we, the tourists, watched as that little garden came alive.

It truly was magical.  And so is ours.


The mornings after look like this but then I make a big pot of coffee and while it's brewing I fill the sink with warm sudsy water and in no time everything is all cleaned up.

Though occasionally I do think selling the house and starting over with something already clean is not such a bad idea.


Brian and I had a lunch date after church at a hole in the wall Korean place in Long Beach.  I'm a lover of kimchi...when we lived in international housing during grad school, the Korean woman would make the kimchi in the fall and bury big pots of it outside under our bedroom window.

Occasionally the pots would explode and the smell of it?

I swore I would never eat it.

But then I did because never say never, especially if you're at the home of a Korean friend.



Our very last ever sports banquet ever.


I'm on the fence as to whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I'll miss the sports playing but those banquests are a bit...well, long.  Especially if your boy is the one who sat on the bench all season with his hand in a cast, so we were pretty sure he wasn't up for best offensive player or anything like that.


But my baby boy did get 'most inspirational' which if you know him totally sums up who he is.

He might not have played but he was there the whole season cheering his teammates on.

Man, I love that kid.  =)

This week all three of our boys are home so we are back to being a true houseful of boys.

We're back to shoes everywhere, boys pounding on the bathroom doors, shoving each other as they walk down the hallway, and my favorite one where they open the fridge and stare in and yell 'MOM!!!!  Is there anything to eat?' like there is a true emergency because apparently the moment I gave birth to them I became  a magician who can make food out of air.

But's fun.


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