Friday, April 1, 2016

Brushing The Dust Off

Yes, I know it's been awhile and yes, I've read all your emails hoping all is ok.  All IS's just a busy season in our little house on our little street.

Life is all about seasons and this one is easily described as bittersweet.  Boys are growing up and the changes are not subtle.  Big birthdays are approaching and even bigger anniversaries.  

Tis the season of change.

In the midst of all the busyness...a simple text message that basically said 'you busy?' and answered with 'kinda sorta but I can make a little time' ended with an hour long drive in a convertible down PCH.

That's Pacific Coast Highway for my non Cali friends...or as I like to call it:

Pretty Cool Highway.

The sun was shining, the air was crisp, the ocean smelled amazing.

One hour.  Enough to totally get my head (and heart) back on track.


I've been talking a lot with one of my boys about life plans and changes.  He's feeling as if a door is closing and God is saying 'no' to him and I encouraged him to rethink that...that by God saying 'no' is really God saying 'yes' to something different.  That by closing a door to something we see as a blessing might not be His blessing because He has a much greater plan for us somewhere down the line.

I'm not sure my boy truly believes that (yet) but it's helped me just by saying it out loud.

Sometimes we need to listen to our own advice.


Holy Week was a it usually is in the life of a church worker.  Matthew was home for the week and so was Alex's girlfriend, Emily.

Another girlfriend I love was visiting from New York and we had many great dinners...and really incredible discussions.  So much is happening in our world and for a Muslim and a Jew and a Christian to sit and break bread and discuss what we believe and why...and to know that we can talk openly about our beliefs and our differences and our politics, to cry and laugh and love each other the way girlfriends protect and love one another is such an amazing blessing to me.  

I feel very blessed.  And thankful.

We have had some incredible meals lately and for close to a whole week, they were all at other peoples homes.

Fresh caught fish, fried in olive oil (HELLO?) and served on a roll with homemade crunchy cabbage salad??

A moment of silence.  Please.

Easter at our home involves a crazy busy morning of music for 2/5 of our household, 3/5 got to enjoy it from a pew where we celebrated our risen Savior followed by an insane amount of cooking for 1/5.  

Once again, we threw open the door to our little house on our little street and I think there were close to 30 people here.  I roasted trays and trays of chicken with lemon and oregano and olives, made a large batch of pesto pasta, roasted up lots of vegetables (green beans with peppers and onions)...that guy that I like so much made a humongous pitcher of sangria, my neighbor walked in with lamb (of course!) and baklava and my sister in law was on dessert duty.  

There was SO MUCH food.

Little house.  Big table.


The annual picture of my sweet niece with the bunny cake...cute cake but whoa, she's now 13.


After we ate everyone spilled out front for the annual football game in the street where the goal is to only dent the cars of the people who I've just fed because they won't sue me.


So many of my favorite people were here and later on I took all the leftover chicken and tossed it with the leftover pesto and vegetables and put it on a big bowl in the middle of the table.  We opened multiple bottles of wine and just sat in the garden as the sun went down every last morsel was eaten.

It was a beautiful day.

Tonight I've got a date with a really cool guy to one of our favorite restaurants in town.  I've got a (hopefully) quiet work day,  the pup and I are heading out for a hike in the green hills and then I'm going to actually shower, do my hair/makeup and put on real clothes...all three in the same day is like a mini miracle.

I can't wait.

What are y'all's weekend plans?  Quiet or busy...I'd love to hear!


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