Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Senior Garden Party

Yesterday we hosted the annual dinner for that guy that I like so much's seniors...it's a fun time to do something a little special for them before they head out into the big exciting world.

But I've gotta say...this time around was a bit of a challenge.  First of all...a husband who wasn't able to be home to help until the party began.  Second..I had to work all day as well.  Third...this was more of a 'formal' party which takes a bit more work than a normal garden party and last?  

I'm sure there's a last but I can't think of it right now.

Let's see...there was a big green salad,  a ton and a half of stracotto (pot roast) with caramelized onions,  porcini mushroom risotto,  roasted green beans and fennel with pine nuts and goat cheese and for dessert?

Pizzelles.  Piles and piles of pizzelles. 


The garden is exceptionally beautiful this year and makes for such a pretty place to hold a party.  It's small but...I don't know.  Magical?  

At least to us.


Somehow, someway everything was finished and ready to go about 10 minutes before everyone (including that guy that I like so much) was to arrive...just long enough for me to change, throw on some lip gloss and have a glass of wine.


The party ended up being really fun and one of my favorite parts is where they share what is next in their life.  I remember that time...though when I was their age I had already been married 3 years and had a babe on the way.

That was a fun time, too.


It's now the day after and I've worked a crazy amount of hours, had lunch with a girlfriend (where we shared this banana, dried fruit and roasted pecan crepe at Old Vine Cafe which was outrageously amazing), shared a beer with my neighbor, ate pizza with the boys, walked the dog and tried (hard) to keep my eyeballs open long enough to write a bit.

Hello, Tuesday.  You've been good to me.



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