Thursday, April 16, 2015

Full House

I had lunch with a girlfriend and she was talking about how the days aren't just going fast but now the decades are...and it actually brought tears to my eyes.  It's true, though...I'm feeling the quickness of life,  too.   It's not all's fun and happy and crazy to watch it all unfold.

We went to church on a Sunday night and then took the two youngest boys for dinner.  It was just one of those nights...there weren't any cell phones or distractions and they were both exceptionally chatty.  I'm raising boys here and boys are hit and miss when it comes to sharing's like a chess match that involves food and quirky music and knowing exactly when to not ask one too many questions.

I'm still learning that one.


Anyway, they were chatty and fun and after dinner we walked for was almost as if they didn't want the night to end either.  Or so I like to tell myself.  In reality they were still hungry.

Whatever works.

Work has felt like work lately and I'm not sure if it's me being paranoid (or if it's just the ones who are whispering in my ear) but it just feels like something is going on behind the scenes.  It could just be rumblings but who knows.  I'm just plugging away, doing what I do, making it all work...and then putting it all to rest at the end of the day until the next morning.

I really like what I do...especially now that I kind of know what I'm doing.

Brian has been slowly working himself back into working out...he had a really severe injury at the end of February that has taken a long time to heal.  I've got a houseful of boys who don't eat anything processed and/or junk food (losers) but Bri has slipped back into his cream.

I had a bite of one of these and YUM.  Good thing they come in small boxes.

Matteo is home for the week and our little house on our little street is full of life and love and taunts and late nights and loud voices and balls being thrown and an overwhelming urge for me to go away to a spa.  A female, adult only, no loud voices spa.


Seriously,'s pretty fun and lively around here.  I'm the one wearing earplugs.

Buddy the Dog has become a 'real' dog...he now barks at every dog that pees on his front lawn and spends all his free time watching out the window for the next offender so he can try and scare them off with his big, ferocious bark.

I never, ever knew how much someone could love an animal.  I mean, he's 'just' a dog.  

If you're a dog owner, then you're smiling along with me right now.

I'm actually meeting that guy that I like so much for lunch today...a scheduled lunch where we can have a real face to face conversation.  A lunch that someone else is going to make and clean up.

I'm excited.


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