Monday, April 27, 2015

A Brand New Week

There's a change in the air around here...a sort of 'hey, summer is coming' kind of change.  That guy that I like so much is basically here to sleep and other than that is attending recitals and concerts and teaching and grading and basically doing all that he does for that ginormous salary he works so hard for.

Scratch that.  No ginormous salary.


But, if he plays his cards right he is able to take about 4 weeks off every summer.  That means everything has to be finished up from last year and and Christmas has to planned in yeah,  don't be alarmed if you hear Silent Night (a hundred or so variations) being played in our little house on our little street when you walk on by.

Works for us.


Last week found us stepping up our parenting game with child #3 and as part of that, he was back on foot power rather than car power.  He's not as much fun to punish because he's watched and learned from the older two and gets exactly how to play us.  

Here's the deal...don't judge parents on how they parent because you never know which child in line they are parenting.  With our oldest two I blamed myself for every mistake they made because,'s all about me.  If I'd raised them correctly they would never need to make a mistake because I'd been a good enough mom to teach them everything and my boys were smart enough to listen and learn.

Yeah right.

It's so much sweeter with the last boy.  Also sweet?  Watching older brothers step in to parent.  In the end, the youngest (who takes a bit to apologize) has apologized and we're moving along until the next hiccup...which we all know will happen at some point.


Buddy the Dog spends all morning in this position looking out the window and barking at every dog who pees on his tree...which is pretty much 1,000 dogs.

And yes, he's still afraid of the great outdoors so this makes him feel tough.

This weekend was full of people in our little house on our little street...Matthew came home with Brianne and her sister and Emily (Alex's girlfriend) was here, too.  

Ladies and gentlemen...there is estrogen in the house.  I never thought it would happen but it has.  There are girls to talk to  and girl movies and oh me oh's fun.


The youngest shrub, after taking 3 months to heal a torn hip flexor (I don't recommend that injury) is, as of this morning, back to playing his two sports at 75%.  I'm not sure exactly what 75% means other than I am losing one of my lunch partners and now get to worry anytime someone on the court or field comes near my boy.

Ah...these glasses and these cherries.  I'm loving 'vintage' bar glasses of any shape I can find...highball, lowball, coup.  Doesn't matter.  I'm thinking my summer will be spent at garage sales...or at least thinking about garage sales.  

That guy that I like so much is a resident mixologist and I'm a happy participant...fancy glassware makes it all the more fun.


I went running with my boys and they each lapped me three times.

Show offs.

It's Monday morning and it's supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees out.  I've got work to be done and then 15 college seniors coming for dinner, so I'll need to cook at some point...but I'm thinking a little quiet time in the sun will need to happen, too.

But first?


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