Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter, Revisited

Easter, as told in a bazillion pictures.  One little house, bursting at the seams. 

My peeps.  All were here.  I'll take it because times are changing and I'm clinging...clinging to them.  To the resurrection.  To the promise of eternity.

There was antipasto.  Always antipasto.  

I've mentioned this before but if you don't have Turkish neighbors then, well...your loss.

Baklava, which I tested just to make sure it was ok to serve.  I should have said it was awful, hid it away and saved it for myself.

Next year.


Eggs were hidden...and somehow found.

The food.  Oh my.  That guy that I like so much grilled veggies...many from our very own garden.

That bowl?  Found in a tiny shop in Italia where we watched it being painted and then carried it around for weeks like crazy people, only to have it almost not make it through airport security.

Worth it.

Turkish rice, which my boys would probably choose over my pasta.  In fact, I'd choose it, too.

Grilled lemon chicken and steak served over an arugula salad.

A prime rib thrown in for good measure.

And our garden.  Full...the way it should be.  We had 25 and the weather was warm and sunshiney and rather perfect.  

The annual bunny cake, post dissection, was served.

And then there were footballs thrown and flags tossed (think color guard) and card games played and a late night spent with the boys and their loves where they talked about growing up in this neighborhood and what it has meant to them.

That, my friends, was priceless and something I'll carry with my for all my days.

I think we've done ok.

I just kept looking around the whole day...looking at how every single person that walked in was such a part of who we are.  That I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.  That those late night talks, the ones that aren't planned and just happen, are what my heart was needing to hear...that they know just how much we love them and because of that, how much their heavenly father loves them.  That we know how to love them because of the way He loves...and that we are loved in all of our unperfectness.  That God doesn't stop loving us we aren't going to stop loving them.


What a great thing.

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