Monday, March 30, 2015

Ready To Go

One garden party with some of my favorite peeps, courtesy of a rather great occasion.

Friday night.

Oh, how I love Friday nights.

And because our outside heaters glow yellow, every picture we take makes us look like we have yellow teeth.  Black and white is retro,  artsy and solves that problem.

My favorite trail is surrounded on both sides by mustard plants that are taller than me.  They are gorgeous, smell great and are the perfect hiding place for rattle snakes.  My first sighting was this weekend and that means one thing...bye bye trail until Autumn.

My back up trail is more groomed, just as pretty and feels safer, so that's where you'll find me for the next few months.

Our little garden is blooming.

Oh happiness.


Chicago had an earthquake.

What did we all do before text messaging???

Brian asked if he could raid my laundry room didn't look like much but HOLY COINAGE BATMAN!

I had no clue...I just empty pockets and toss them into the cute brass pot I brought back from an antique store in Italy.  

Smart boy.


I'm sitting on my couch right now having just finished a margarita and a great plate of nachos, getting ready to watch some show that we have taped.  I'm so not ready for this week to begin...I looked ahead and there are lots of things on the schedule.

And here's the deal, I've got to make a change in the way I'm doing things.  I'm in this funk...a 'I can do it all by myself with no help' funk and I know, with all my being, that that is not the case.  It's a vicious, self made, untrusting cycle.

My alarm is set for an early, before the sun comes up time.  My bible is dusted off and a Holy Week devotion is ready to go.  I'd appreciate a little prayer boost, if you don't mind.   


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