Friday, March 20, 2015

Hey Friday

I am so ready for the weekend that I can't stop thinking about it...this week has been a doozy.  My plans?  There is a ton of laundry to be done and I am on season 3 of the Gilmore dreamy does that sound?


I've been searching for quiet spaces lately and they aren't especially easy to find.  It seems as if every time one comes available the phone rings, there's an email or a text message to answer, the dog barks, a cat meows, a speck of dust appears, someone requires food, work needs to be worked.

Life just feels noisy lately and I can't seem to quiet it.

I've been up lots in the middle of the night, too, which never helps anything.   My brain is so full of nonsense right now...old friends and relationships and past hurts and forgiveness and life changes and lost recipes and it all decides to wake me up at some dark hour to try and make sense of it all. brain is on overdrive and I'm tired.


 So anyway...I'm dreaming about this weekend and the major nothingness that I'm hoping will accompany it.  I'm aiming for peace and for quiet and for...well, if there is  too much peace and quiet then maybe a little garden party?

It's all about balance.


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