Friday, March 14, 2014

This Week

1. This is what you'll see most afternoons...late in the day in between school and work and homework.  Old school video games are the happy I kept them!

2. Our 48 (I found the missing one in the dirt!) olives are officially curing.  After 6 weeks and 6 gallons of salted water, we will have enough olives for one cocktail hour.  But that little tree in the garden?  It's gonna get bigger!

3. I made a lasagne this week and I've been eating it for lunches ever since.  Yum.  Homemade béchamel, homemade bolognese, fresh mozzarella.  What could be bad?

4. Brian texted me his 'tattoo'.  I approve.  First off, it says MOM.  Second, it washes off.  The perfect tattoo in my mind.  

5. Man's best friend.  That guy that I like so much was anti-pet and now we live in a zoo.  And guess who they all like more than anyone else in our little house on our little street?  Him.  Seriously.  And you know what else?  He likes them (a lot), too.


6.  Daffodil season is here.


7. I have this habit of just handing my phone to people and occasionally I'll find funny pictures or the occasional inappropriate app.  But never have I had a 'collect free fish' reminder come up in my calendar...and the best part?  No one remembers adding it...well, they sort of do but then they're not sure.


 8. Calendar alerts that show up on all our phones, followed by silly midday texts.  I sure do like him...can't wait until May when I actually get to spend time with him.  

All in all, a very productive week.  Work has been worked, trails have been hiked, food has been cooked, boys have been loved, the garden has been sat in.  I love daylight savings time until my alarm goes off every morning...there is just something really hard about leaving the house when it is still pitch black out.  

That being said, there is something totally, totally cool about watching the sun wake up the world around you.  This season is short so I'm choosing to embrace it.

Coffee helps.


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