Monday, June 17, 2013

The Party of the Year

Brian got his very first high school yearbook on Friday...he's #25 in the picture.  The name listed?  His BROTHERS.  Nothing like being the 3rd child.


Saturday night was a celebration for my friend Alev.

It could very well be listed as the party of the year.  There's still a few months left to this year, but since it's going to take us that long to recover it's looking pretty good that this will remain the party of the year.


There was a disco ball.  There was a microphone.  There were speeches and a taco cart and dancing all. night. long. and laughing and yelling (the good kind) and it was just a great, great party.

It felt like the parties of my childhood...which makes me laugh.  People dancing and eating and drinking and sleeping and grown ups and kids in every nook and cranny.  So very, very much fun.

And no, I have no clue who this was.  At some point in the night my phone was taken over by one of my boys and the pictures are hilarious.  As for the videos?  Locked away until I'm old.


Sunday was quiet.  Father's Day.  Matthew came home for the night and played in church and then we all, the 5 of us, went for lunch.  Supper that night was the ultimate man york strips, smashed potatoes, huge roasted asparagus.

And then, in perfect end of the weekend fashion, we sat in the garden while the neighborhood made cookies in the kitchen.  The music was great outside and they were laughing that.


As for Michael?  Well... he already knows that he's a good Dad.  He sees it in his boys and the kind of men they are becoming.   

I love this Sunday tradition.

I didn't want it to end...and soon, it won't have to.  It's the last week of school and summer is almost here.  My last day of work is Friday (well, actually next Tuesday...but the big stuff is over on Friday) and Brian's last day of school is Thursday.  I've promised the kids pancakes on Friday morning...though I'm thinking they are all going to sleep in!

Today I'm heading out for a morning hike...a nice long one to get myself back on track from this weekend and then cleaning this little house on this little street.  The fridge is empty, but Costco can wait for a few days...trying to think what to have for supper.  Probably pasta of some fact, I'll probably make a pot of gravy and some meatballs.

Sounds like a plan.


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