Friday, June 14, 2013


Yesterday was warm and sunny...perfect for a car wash day.  I sure am thankful for this car...not sure how long it will last (it's a company car) though I did hear I am going back to my old job (as in the job I  really, really like) next school year.  Here's the thing...I've been doing this new project for the last few months and it almost broke me.  But now that it's up and running I don't want to hand it off...I want to be a part of it.  

I'm psycho.

I love wandering the aisles of World many interesting things.  Mushy peas?  Ingredients...peas, water, sugar and green coloring.


But then, I hate peas.  HATE.

I hiked just under 5 miles yesterday and then walked another 2 miles around our lake...I just couldn't relax.  So much going on in my brain...I need summer.  Soon.

Speaking of summer...I've decided to take one.  My little shop is closing next week for a little hiatus.  This mama needs some down time, time to get my creative back on, time to rest, time to pray, time to do nothing.

The interesting thing?  I had decided to take a break earlier this year when my job got bigger and so I had pulled all my online advertising.  But then...the orders kept a comin'.  And a'comin.  And a'comin'.

I'm thankful...but tired.

So once this last batch goes out, I'll be shutting her down for a few months...but don't worry, like Arnold, I'll be back.


As of today, my big work project is almost the work load is cut in half and next Friday I will be off for the summer.  Lots to do before then...but I can see it and taste it and feel it.

I'm ready.


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