Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Made It.

In celebration of...well, in celebration of the fact that I love See's chocolate covered cherries, I bought a box of chocolate covered cherries.  It's the little things you know.  Besides, one of these puppies a day makes me very, very happy.

And if mama is happy...all are happy.


Good morning little street.  I've enjoyed watching my neighborhood come to life in the early, early mornings these last few months...and I am now going to enjoy waking up when normal people wake up for the summer.

I made it.  I worked hard...really, really hard (I'm using lots of double words today...have you noticed?) and my project is over.  Well, by the time you read this it will be.  It was fun and challenging and I enjoyed most of it...and learned a lot about my management style in the process.

More on that later.

When I was a little girl I began collecting frogs but over the years, they slowly got pushed out of the way.  I love when your past meets your present...and this was a lovely and fun and thoughtful present from my cousin Tim.

Makes me super, super (another double!) happy when I'm cooking.  


Another blast to the pal Bob.

I love me some Bob, that's for sure.  His music is...awesome.  So is my boss, who pays for my sirius radio.  

Grad night at our school is over the top and fabulous and while I didn't have a graduate this year (after having three last year), I did have friends whose kids were graduating and so I worked from 8-1:30am. And then had to work at 5:30am.  Those dark circles under my eyes?


Also earned?

A double espresso.  It helped...sort of.  i was literally nodding off at my computer this morning.


A friend of ours owns a cheese shop (Vin Goat in CDM) and every month or so they do a sunset harbor cruise.  Wine and cheese and charcuterie (which means salami and stuff...I just learned that word, too) all while on a yacht.

Fun, fun, fun.

Triple word...because it was more than just fun, fun.  

It was...dreamy.

Perfect weather, fun people, great food.

In boy news....Brian's last day of school was today.  Hooray!  He pulled it together after missing all last week of school (so much work to make up in one weekend!) and has a whole weekend off before starting basketball on Monday.  But first things first...pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning!


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