Monday, March 11, 2013

Scenes From A Weekend

There are a whole lotta things that were in the 'happy' category this weekend...peppered in with a few things that, without a doubt, belong in the 'not so happy' place.

I have to admit, it took me until Sunday afternoon at about 3:00pm to snap out of the grumpy place I've been in for the last, oh, week or so.  It was in the afternoon, as the sun was shining in all its glory and I went outside to cut some rosemary for the chickens I was going to roast for supper that night, when it happened...warmth.  I felt warmth from that giant fireball in the sky and it hit me:

I LOVE daylight savings time.

Longer afternoon sunshine and the promise that Spring is right around the corner.  And warmth.  Sunshiney warmth.


So on to my happy things.

First up...a new purse.  Not just any purse, but a Miche bag.  Why oh why oh why was I so late to jump on the cart with these?  I bought this one and a black one and they both just make me swoon.

Another happy?  The clouds that God has been putting right before me as if to say....STOP AND NOTICE ME.  Thank me, ye of little faith for all that is right here before you.  

So you know what?  I did.  And I am.  I am looking up.  I just need constant reminders. goes.  Another happy.  After 40 sometin' years on this planet, I have discovered sushi.  However; there's a catch.  Nothing uncooked and NO seaweed, only soy paper.  Oh my.  Mama has yet another new addiction...but this one is big and that guy that I like so much couldn't be happier.

Uh oh.


This is both a happy and a not...but there truly is nothing quite as nap-a-licious as fresh from the dryer clothes.  If your'e a cat that is.  If you're the master, well, then it means you better stock up on a lint roller.

But she is cute, isn't she?

Unhappiness comes in the form of being blocked in in a parking lot.

Like, COME ON.

Following a hike with a girlfriend (the girlfriend who makes me laugh over every little is soooo fun to be with her!) we come back to find my car boxed in.  

All was well in the end, but in the beginning and the middle I wasn't a happy camper.  BUT...following  getting out of that jam, I did yoga with a girlfriends daughter who is practicing to be an instructor.  I love yoga, even if I blur out the third eye stuff...but the downward dog and tree pose?  

Very, very fun.  And very, very relaxing.


Back to the happy place.  My little kitchen in my little house on my little street.  In fact, let's just name a few of the happy things: a cake plate from Italy, given to me by a dear frend who died a few years ago. A blue pitcher full of ready to bloom daffy's, fettunta, vodka/lemon shooters, yellow walls, polish plates.

Oh, and the leaning tower of Pisa light in the background.  Cuz nothing spells happy like that.


Another with amaretto creamer.

Joy, joy, joy.

An unhappy though?  Not ONE travel mug is left in the house.  And they're expensive.  Sigh.

Happy...or unhappy?


Love my boy in the middle.   Never a dull moment!

Other weekend happy spots?  A concert, conducted by that guy that I like so much.  A visit from Matthew.  A chocolate cake, made from scratch.  A massage.'s true.  Happy wins.  

I just need reminders of that from time to time.


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  1. Cute purse! I haven't heard of that brand. I like Vera Bradley, and need to make a trip to the outlet again.


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