Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Being Led

At the crack of dawn this morning I was out of my nice warm bed and on my way to torture.  I'm not sure what time the crack of dawn is actually at, but I was well on my way by 5:10am to boot camp.

Five ten a m.

It was cold.  It was dark.  It was insane.

I had to laugh when my girlfriend pulled up carrying her Starbuck's coffee...I mean, who shows up to boot camp with a coffee in hand?  

A smart one....but let's not go there.  Anyway, boot camp is 40 minutes of torture.  You run.  You lunge. You climb. You squat. You sweat. You try not to cry.

And now, 15 hours later, I am on my couch waiting for my 3rd dose of advil to kick in and trying not to panic at the fact that I have to go back tomorrow morning.  That today was leg day and tomorrow they will focus those 40 long and grueling minutes on another unsuspecting part of my body.

Why go back, you ask?

I have NO CLUE.

But here's the thing.  I do know why.  I feel strong.  And weak, but let's focus on the strong.  I am doing things that one year and seven months ago, when I was ninety six pounds heavier than I am today, that I never even dreamed of being able to do.  Life is good.  God is better.

So tomorrow morning I will get up again and drive to that torture session because it is an incredible feat to even have the guts to register, let alone walk thru the front doors.


But until then...real life stuff.  Work and laundry and supper to cook and watching a son burn stuff (controlled...part of fire school) and bible study homework and the finale of the Bachelor.  I'm striving this week to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground and my eyes firmly set on heaven.  On finding the glory in the ordinary and allowing my Father to lead.  I'm not even thinking too much about following...I'm just concentrating on letting him take the lead.

I am one stubborn girl lately.  I need to let myself be led.

But for now, I am going to sleep...mainly because sleep will bring relief from the agony that my drill sergeant at boot camp caused.


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  1. 96 pounds?! You go, girl! If this bootcamp class brings you down to 100 pounds lost, I hope you will treat yourself to some very special celebration or reward. That is an amazing accomplishment!


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