Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back To Normal

My Monday began early, as usual...but then slowed down rather quickly when it became obvious that Brian just wasn't feeling all that great.  In fact, he was down right miserable.  I shoo'ed him back to bed, settled in to my computer for work and then pretty much hung out with him all day long.

On the sickness scale of 1 to 10 he was probably only at a 3 or 4, but on the 'I need a day to sleep and be lazy and hang out with my mom' scale he was at a 10.  The kids got good (I'd actually say great) grades and so it was a hooky day for the two of us.


I think I can finally say that Spring has reached down and grabbed ahold of Southern California.  The hills are green and the flowers are beginning to bloom and the fig tree is slowly coming to life again.  I've been thinking about what to plant in the garden this summer and cannot stop thinking of grape vines crawling their way up our trellis.    Gotta make that a reality.


The biggest and best part though?  My toes.  They're warm more often than they're cold.  Warm toes do wonders for my overall mood...flip flops equal happiness.

Doesn't take much.

I'm in need of some good books to read...nothing heavy and preferably something in the lighthearted and lovely category.  Maybe a little mystery but nothing overly scary.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking of taking a trip to Barnes and Nobles tomorrow and just perusing all the displays to see what jumps out at me.   I have a thing for pretty covers and I don't care what anyone says...you can judge a book by it's cover.


Our Saturday and Sunday evenings were quiet this weekend...there were cocktails and dancing and laundry and boys in and boys out and lots of grilled meat.  Nothing says 'it's the weekend' like grilled meat...at least according to my houseful.  The more meat, the better.  At least in their eyes.  And stomachs.


The one thing that never got done was the laundry...but then again, when is one ever truly caught up with the laundry?  

This afternoon a girlfriend and I decided that the weather was cool enough that the snakes would be sleeping on our favorite trail.  Turns out the snakes were awake...but luckily when one showed itself to us we were only a few feet in, which gave us plenty of time to scream, turn and run to the other trail.

That in itself was a workout and my heart rate was up the whole rest of the hike.  Me no likey likey snakes.  At all.

Happy beginning of the week, everyone.


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  1. I just finished Maeve Binchy's newest book. She is an Irish storyteller and finished it just before she died last summer. It's called A Week in Winter, and if you like her other books then you will love this one. If you are looking for a mystery, I enjoyed John Grisham's latest "The Racketeer." It is a lot like his older legal thrillers. Last night I just started "The Art Forger" by B.A. Shapiro. I saw it on the new release shelf at the library and it got great reviews. I am just a couple of chapters into it and so far I really like it. It is going to be one of my spring break reads this week.

    I also have some spring break movies lined up. Last night Mike and I watched The Late Quartet with Christopher Walken and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It is about a quartet of musicians who are facing some major life changes, and we both loved it. This week I am going with a friend to see Quartet with Maggie Smith (directed by Dustin Hoffman). It's about how a nursing home for retired musicians wants to do a fundraiser by putting on an opera. It's supposed to be great. Do you see a theme here? Of course, I will also need to watch the DVD of Les Mis (although I am not sure Kate will let her copy out of her sight even though she already watched it twice the first day she got it).


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