Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Hot. Or Not.

After working this morning...I'm doing two jobs (same company...my regular job and I'm running a pilot program which will be implemented, if successful, next school year) at the same time and yes, it's as crazy as it sounds.  Anyway, after working a bit,  I threw on my tennies and hit the trail.

Along the way I was stopped by an older gentlemen who asked about the purple flowers (lavender) and then commented, with a smile, that I looked hot.  It wasn't until I took off running again that I realized that he meant 'hot' as in sweaty and gross and not 'hot' as in, well, 'hot'.   I was just feeling so big headed and proud that I was running like the wind...wind being relative here as I am sure that my fastest run in still slower than the slowest wind.

Oh well.  Hot or not, it felt good to be out in the air.  Felt good to be music-less. Felt good to just be.

I came home to a crowd of boys who are so happy to all be on spring break and together again.  They headed to the beach and I worked and did laundry.  And blew my nose.  And had a snarky email exchange with my boss.  And a whole 'nuther phone call that just left me sad.  And then a lotta text messages that made me not so sad.  And then I made a HUGE pot of chicken noodle soup and fed everyone who walked in the door while I snuck out for happy hour with some friends.

And wrote one too many sentences that start with 'and'.


No bible study today, but I do have some make up work to do.  It's Holy Week and I am feeling a bit lost...I just can't seem to concentrate.  I'm hoping for a little quiet time today...some time to think and pray and reflect.  Actually, I need to make it happen rather than hope that it will happen...so that'll be my main goal of today.  Everything else can wait.


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