Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyday Life Stuff

Here's the latest news in boy land:

The babe of the family got fitted for a tux.  

The mama of the family shed tears.


Southern California.

Not a place I ever would've chosen to live and now?  I wonder why I was so close minded about it.

Love it here.


My oldest.

We took a drive and went to go see him perform with a real live, grown up symphony orchestra.  And fed him dinner.  And slipped him a little cash.  And squeezed him. 

The whole way there I kept talking about how lonely he must be.  Turns out he's not.

Am I happy about that or not?


The weather is my friend again.


Our backyard lemon tree grows the BEST winter lemons.  They are thick skinned and the size of my head.  Seriously...each of these lemons will easily yield a 1/2 cup of juice.

Last year we got one lemon.  That guy that I like so much hacked it away (and threatened to cut it down) and this year it is almost collapsing due to so many lemons.

I like it better this year.

The boy in the middle.  He cracks me up.


Bible study began yesterday.  We're digging deep into Revelation and I'm thinking it's time for me to share soon a revelation that I've had.  God has been so good and so faithful.  I'm very, very thankful.

Lunch after was both filling and fulfilling.

Blessed.  I am blessed.

Today...a hike.  A house clean up.  I'm also making a fruitcake because yes, I love fruitcake.  I need to make something, anything for supper...especially since this week involves two basketball games, bunco and a girlfriends birthday dinner out.  My men-folk are hungry and need some home cookin' to make them happy. 

Gotta keep 'em happy.


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