Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Chilly Tuesday

I know that all of you who live in places where it truly gets cold are laughing at how wimpy us people in SoCal are and let me just say this...keep laughing.  We are wimpy.  But people, it is COLD.

This week I have taken to wearing my sons socks and a pair of gloves I dug out of the ski box in the attic.  The good news?  They're cute.  The bad news?  They aren't very warm, but they do the trick until the heat comes on in my car.

Tomorrow we are supposed to reenter the joys of 'sunny and fair' and I cannot. wait. a. minute. longer.


Bible study started up again and it was so fun to see everyone again.  This semester we're digging in, Beth Moore style, to Revelation.  We were asked to read the book of Revelation out loud before class began...there is something so powerful about taking a whole book and reading it out loud.  

It's just nice to be back to the routine of things.

One of the best parts of Tuesday is the weekly lunch with the girls after.  There's nothing like a patty melt from Ruby's...especially if there is a black cherry malt on the side and a bunch of girl talk.


Basketball season is here.  The babe of the family is growing up so fast...tomorrow we need to go for a tux fitting because he asked his girlfriend to the winter formal.


Round three.  Here we go again!


Supper tonight was something I pulled from the freezer because in an attempt to not eat out as much,  I made many double meals and froze the rest.  Brilliant, I tell ya, to walk in the house at 6:15pm with a starving family to dinner warming in the oven.  Tonight was stuffed shells...I threw together a salad to go with and voila!  Supper.

Left me plenty of time to play bingo on my iPad while watching The Biggest Loser.



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  1. I subbed at the elementary school today so we crock pot-ted supper tonight---beef tips and gravy with egg noodles and some asparagus I steamed super fast. :) LOVE the crock pot!


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