Monday, January 14, 2013

A Rather Nice Weekend

 Friday morning, as I do most mornings, I was awake before the sun.

Way before the sun.

My morning begins with me solving problems, listening to problems, causing problems (not usually, but everyone needs to blame someone and I am the easiest to blame...which, for the record, sucks alot of the time) and figuring out how to avoid problems.

It's fun.  Most of the time.


Friday morning I found myself, coffee in hand (or in the car, actually) in Huntington Beach...a city I love.  Love, as in I could live here.  Or there.  I mean, I love where I live, but if I didn't live where I live I would live there.  It's beachy, yet not.  

The crossing guards are pretty stellar, too.  Well, most of the time.


Saturday morning, Bri had practice at 7:00am.

The temp, FYI, was 32 degrees.

In Southern California...the land of 'sunny and fair'.  I am almost at my breaking point.  SO tired of cold fingers and toes and everything in between.

My lake, though, is pretty even when it's cold. 


 Sunday was the annual Christmas party for my husbands students...the party where we take one teeny tiny house (1200 sq ft) and somehow squeeze 50 college students in it.  It's like the loaves and fishes...somehow it becomes big enough to fit everyone.  Not sure how, but it happens.

This year the party came late due to one professor who was on Sabbatical.  Sabbatical has come and gone and now, so has the party.   Also this heaters in our garden which were a life saver considering it was 40 degrees outside.  

Turns out the big Bronco game was in the afternoon and one of my boys had his friends over to watch. Turns out the game went in to overtime and they didn't clear out until 30 minutes before the student party was starting.  Turns out some students were excited and arrive 30 minutes early.  Turns out...well, turns out that everything worked out just the way it was supposed to.

Kinda crazy, but I put them to work and all was well.  What can you do?


I'd love to share all the fun pictures I took, but this is it.  Lots of food.  Lots of people.  Lots of laughing.  Lots of fun.

Sunday was the 'clean up the garden' day and laundry day and church going day and leftover from Thanksgiving turkey and gravy day and sitting on the couch playing bingo slingo on my iPad sort of day.

It was a lovely day.  

The house is not anywhere close to clean, but we have really fun music playing and that guy that I like so much has been shaking up new cocktails for us to try.

And personally, I love this toast:

Even though we packed a lot in, this felt like a real weekend.  I'm wishing it could last a bit longer, but oh well.  Only 5 days until the next one.


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