Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Working The 'Hood

Last Saturday I convinced a girlfriend to hike my favorite trail with me rather than walk around our pretty lake...I figured if we went at the crack of dawn (as in 6:30am...on a Saturday.  The only sleep in day of the week!!) that the snakes would be sleeping.

They were sleeping until mile 4.5, right near the end.  And while this picture makes us both look tall (and at 5'4", I am tall compared to her!) ...neither of us was so tall when that black stripey thing ventured near our path.

Those snakes are stealing my fun.

This morning I drove to work in my new work as in no radio, no AC, a window that doesn't roll up and a smell (and not a good one) that I just can't place, and found myself working a corner in a neighborhood that wasn't the kind of neighborhood I even knew existed until I started this job.  Hence the's the car reserved for the 'hood.  Nuthin' left to be stolen on this bells, no whistles.

But the locks do work.  Can I get an AMEN?

The people though?  Just the same in those neighborhoods as they are in mine.  They're struggling to get up in the morning until the smell of coffee fills the room.  Cereal is poured into bowls just the are rushed out the door on the way to school and crossing guards are needed  to help them get there.  No English was spoken where I was today, but the one thing I teach my peeps on those corners who complain of that?  The universal language of kindness.  Smile, say good morning, ask them to wait til it's safe.

No English needed.

After, I met up with some work friends including my old boss (who's job I now have) who is back visiting,  at the beach for lunch.  It's always fun to gather with people who share the same crazy job that you do...the one no one else can even come close to understanding.

We laughed.  We complained.  A few tears were even shed.  Basically, I got 3 hours of therapy and a great plate of fish n chips for $20.

Well worth it.


Home to work some more and then a drive thru of Del Taco for Taco Tuesday because I'm in a supper funk...kind of trapped between summer food and winter food.  Time to dig out my pile of cookbooks and become reinspired...hmmm, sounds like a nice way to spend an evening.

That evening isn't tonight though...tonight there's a mandatory parent meeting for basketball at the high school.  Four more years.  Four more years.


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  1. LOL at "working a corner" If I had just stopped in at your blog without knowledge of what that really means, I might wonder!


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