Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Confession

Tonight, after an unusually long and stressful work day where everyone wanted everything done yesterday, we did something not so good.

Not all of us...just that guy that I like so much and I.

But first I need to talk about the picture below.  Those thingy's in the red bowl?  Dolmas...which in English means 'my turkish girlfriend is the best cook on the planet'.  Seriously.  I even ate two of them cold from the fridge this morning on my way out the door...yum.


Oh...and this picture?  The youngest shrub, while talking to us through the window, pulled on the curtain rod and down it came...anchors and all.

It's on the list of thing to do...maybe we'll rehang it by next summer?  Maybe? back to the bad thing.  Tonight was back to school night at the high school...year 9 of 12 for us at the high school and I just. couldn't. do. it.

Just. Couldn't.

So we and that guy that I like so much.  We hopped in his cute car, pretended to drive towards the school but instead went to a local brewery and ordered beer and a thai chicken pizza and toasted ourselves that we caught on to ditching at year 9 rather than waiting until year 10 or 11.

Back to school night vs beer and pizza.  What would you choose?

The only problem came when we finished and realized that we couldn't go home yet because technically we were still wandering around the halls of the school like mice in one of those crazy mazes, so off we went to the mall.

Why the mall?  Well, the mall has See's candy and mama needed some chocolate to help get over the itty bitty teeny tiny ounce of guilt I was feeling at having to LIE to my 14 year old about where we were tonight.  Not enough guilt to come clean, mind you...just enough guilt to need chocolate.

And just to clarify...this is not a permanent lie.  It's just a temporary one...just long enough for him to be old enough to not hate us for not meeting his teachers.  I'm thinking we'll tell him when he's 30.  Maybe.

So there you have it.  

We're ditchers.  Happy, full, slightly sleepy ditchers.



  1. LOL! We ditched this year too. We went last year and it took over 2 hours. And you didn't even really meet or speak to the teachers. We just went room to room, listened to the teachers talk for 15 minutes or so then moved on to the next room. And I never saw or spoke to 7 of the 8 of them again. So we skipped...I felt a little bad about it, but oh well, I don't think we caused any permanent damage to the kiddo. :)

  2. I only went to a couple of them after I realized that you only spent 6 to 7 minutes in each room. The teachers introduced themselves, passed out a copy of syllabus, and sent us on our way. You get slightly more time--10 minutes--at parent-teacher conferences, if you can get a slot at all. My girls' response to us skipping? "I wouldn't go." So don't feel guilty!

    I always have parents skip the back-to-school night for their kindergarteners and first graders, and that's usually the grades when they want to know every little thing about their child's school day.


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