Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Food EVER

As someone who cooks for loads of hungry people each and ever day...and I love doing it, I totally get though how much work and time and money goes into putting a meal together.  It truly is a labor of love to cook for people, but I will say this:  food tastes better when somebody else makes it. 

My very, very, VERY favorite places to eat are not the restaurants we frequent but are the places where   it's the whole package...where we can sit and eat and laugh and not be rushed.  Places like our friends, Alev and Bulent, who have a new garden conveniently located a stones throw from my little house.

They are, by far, (and I am publicly stating this) the BEST cooks ever.  

Not to mention fun.


It's been two days since we ate there and I still can't stop thinking about it.  Seriously, I almost called them the day after and asked if I could come eat the leftovers...but then I think I ate everything that was on the table that night.  

Our boys have been best friends since kindergarten and have this friendship that will last forever.  It's more than a friendship...it's a brotherhood and I love the relationship they have.

Because of that, our friendship with them is more than just a normal friendship...they are just family.  They love my boy like one of their own (and we love theirs like that, too)...and everybody needs an extra place to call 'home'. 

I'm just glad he chose a friend who has parents who cook like there is no tomorrow.


I took a ton of pictures that night and not a one came out, something about an iPhone and a dark garden...but let me tell you,  there were leeks and eggplant and phillo and cheese and pilaf and a sister who looks like my fake ID that I had before becoming legal.

I cannot stop thinking about it.  The food, that is, not the fake ID.


Would it be wrong to show up on their doorstep with my own plate and fork every night?


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