Monday, September 10, 2012

I Needed This Weekend

The first week of high school is under our belt, which I guess means summer is officially over.  I'm actually fine with that except for the fact that it is still so humid around here that we've been having to turn on our AC at midnight just so that we can sleep.

Or, more importantly, so I can sleep.

Sleep, though, is at a premium.  For some reason I am out for the count for approximately 3.5 hours and then my brain kicks in to over time and I toss and turn until I finally give in and get up.  It's getting old, I tell ya.  And so am I, I guess.

Friday night turned into a 'bring pizza home and watch a movie night' which was absolutely perfect.  I am going to like my new job, but this was a week of ironing out kinks...of training people to take over my old job and for getting used to the fact that the boss I loved is no longer my boss.  

It's all going to be good, but by Friday night I just couldn't wrap my brain around much more than a night in with my pj's.  The pizza?  Nick's.  The movie?  The Hunger Games.  

The perfect Friday night.

On Saturday I spent lots of that guy that I like so much's money.  The dryer repairman came out and fixed the dryer again.  (last time.  fingers crossed.)  The mobile car repairman came to fix Alex's truck. (nothing major, Grandpa.  Needed a new battery and the guy said 'WOW.  Wanna sell this?  It's NEW!'  He was referring to the truck, not the battery. The battery was dead.)  We went to Costco because we were out of everything.  I took Brian shopping for Levi's because he, in true Busch form, grew overnight and suddenly had no clothes.

But I did do something that doesn't cost much.  Made 4 humungous pots full of chicken stock and now have 30 jars of it in my outside freezer.  Happy, happy, happy.

Also Saturday?  The baby turned 14.  He played basketball most of the day and had his dream meal...salmon, israeli couscous, and green beans, all followed by candles stuck in a piece of french bread.

Gotta punt when your birthday cake is a chocolate lava cake.

The stats?  14, still in braces until late next summer, measures in at 5'9.5",  and is the best conversationalist in the whole entire family.  


Sunday.  Church...back local for the school year.  Laundry, because the dryer works again!  Lasagne for a group of guys who came to watch the Broncos play.  WD40 for every single squeak in our little house on our little street.  Hot weather, which I am now done with and ready for Fall.  A closet clean out...hello, size 10.  All caught up with Bachelor Pad because yes, I watch it and yes, I like it.  Rereading the Hinger good!

I actually feel rested, somewhat organized and ready for the new week. It's a full one...lots going on and lots to be done.  Praying the sleep thing kicks in soon!

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