Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day

Valentine's Day arrived right alongside a lovely winter sniffly sneezy watery eyes cold.  

Hooray for me.


I decided to hibernate today and watched movies while doing laundry and catching up on some work...hoping that maybe one lazy day might make this cold get bored with me and move on its merry way.  It ended up being truly glorious...aside from having to blow my nose every two minutes.

 I did make supper...chicken cacciatore, which I stuck in the crock pot and let simmer the day away.  Our usual tradition is to do a special breakfast...even on school days, but with teenagers that doesn't go over quite as well as it did when the boys were younger.  

Sleep trumps donuts.  It's a boy thing.  Another boy thing?  I told them they could eat dessert first and there was much gnashing of teeth and roaring of roars and grumbling of words.  Turns out boys don't want dessert first...they want MEAT.  And bread.  And then dessert.

How many girls would turn down dessert first?


I, along with every other human in the free world, made Ree's Pot de Creme from her Saturday morning cooking show last weekend.  And let me tell you...this recipe is THE BOMB.  I served it in martini glasses (I made 5 and it was too much, not that anyone complained...but I think it'll make 8 perfect servings) and this will now be one of my 'go to' desserts after any party we have.    It's that good AND easy...the kind of easy that saves your sanity when throwing a party with the bonus that it tastes like you spent hours making it.



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  1. O Michele, I'm so grateful for your blog (and you) Just know you are blessing someone an ocean & continent away, who would feel a bit 'out of sync' otherwise! And thanks for your recipes now'n then...every gal needs some inspiration to keep doing what we do!


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