Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today is the first day of Alex's last semester of high school...or what we hope will be his last semester of high school.  Fingers never know with this one.


My other two are also in the last semesters of their respective schools...something that guy that I like so much and I have talked about a lot over the years.  About what a big year 2012 was going to be in our little house on our little street.

The graduation year.  And now it is here.  Weird. 

It's kind of exciting in a way...yet kind of sad, too.  They're all growing up, these boys of mine.  Yet another life stage.  A good one at that.

I've often told my boys that it's part of my job to give them something to talk about with their therapists...and I think I have succeeded.  I'm so proud.


We've been talking about hosting one big graduation party but not one of the boys want one...we've been telling them that this party is really for us (feel free to bring gifts...we need a blender.  and a toaster.  and forks, because for some reason most of ours are missing) in celebration of 'no more lunches'.

They roll their eyes.  As usual.

 A college graduation.  A high school graduation.  A confirmation AND an 8th grade graduation.

Whew.  Doesn't that call for a party???  

So then we got the wild idea that instead of a party, maybe that guy that I like so much and I will steal away for a vacation.  And then we laughed, because the money tree out back is not blooming quite the way we would like it to.

But it's fun to pretend sometimes...isn't it?


Yesterday in SoCal?  


A walk on the beach and lunch with one of my besties...I love winter.


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