Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hanging At Home

I left my voice in the gym last night...cheering my son and his team on to yet another win.  Pretty sure I lost my hearing from my own screaming, too.

It's how I roll.

That guy that I like so much is puttering in the garden, feeding things that need to be fed and planting a few new flowers for me to look at outside the kitchen window.  The plans for today?  None.  

My oldest is having a big audition up north (not that he lives here but I love how he lets me know what he's up to...most of the time!), my middle is at practice and my youngest is grounded from going outside into the sunshine and is doing a really great job of letting me know just how annoyed he is.

Happiness and harmony.

(Alex is known as Flat Top)

As for me, my pink toes and I are still hanging in our pj's.  And it's noon.  That IS happiness and harmony.  If only I could block out the heavy sighing of my 13 year old as he moves from one room to another with his head hung low.  So. much. drama.

How about you...what are your weekend plans?


  1. I've had a kindergartner tell me that she doesn't have to listen to me ~ right to my face. All while saying "stupid school, stupid school." Hmmmm. Then a month later, tells me again. (luckily, not in our class)

  2. Another great action shot of Alex - doing what he does best! It reminds me of those exciting games I got to see with you...and how I love watching Ruth teach ESL to these ITESO university college students! Sadly, I leave GDL tomorrow evening. I'll try to give you some highlights before I fly out saturday...


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