Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sometime between the time when normal people go to sleep and normal people wake up,  I climbed in my car and went to pick up my oldest from his college.

It was dark.  And cold.  And there was a police car on my street which kinda freaked me out...I mean, why was there a police car on my little street?

I don't usually drive at 4 something or another in the morning and the world is a very interesting place at that hour of the day.  Quiet.  Still.  Lonely.

It made me thankful for warmth.  My little house is just that...little, but it is warm inside.  And anything but still and quiet and lonely...even when all my males are sleeping.  

I spent the whole drive to Matthew's college dorm praying for those who are cold.  And don't have a roof over their heads.  Or food in their bellies.  We (meaning me...and my boys) often (sadly) take that for granted...and when I do remember, it makes me feel ashamed.  

Picked Matthew up and drove to Los Angeles, where he and his four trumpets (all different, but that's all that I know about them!) boarded a big plane (while it was still dark) to the whole other side of the country where he is continuing his grad school search.

Not sure how to pray for all of this (aside from safe travels) so I just pray for God's will be done.  For His guidance in where my flock will end up.

But still hoping it'll be close.  That whole commune idea?  Sounds mighty fine to me.



  1. I don't like to leave my house when it is dark. Or cold. Or early, early in the morning. And I don't like to drive when it is dark, and cold, and early in the morning or late at night. Basically I only like to be out and about during daylight hours----hmmm...I'm like the oppposite of a vampire----a daypire?

  2. Oh how I love you and this beautiful blog full of boys. Praying.


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