Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year In Review

Brian plays basketball while Alex looks on...recovery from knee surgery was long.  (7 months!)  And no fun.  But patience pays off.
The lime tree loves winter.
Gas prices...manageable.
Sweet potato fries with hummus...from a food truck!

I immerse myself in the life of Esther and will forever be changed.
Tomatoes are planted.
Matteo turns 21!
Our fig tree blooms.

Brian has his jaw locked shut for 16 hours a day for 6 months...poor baby.
Rain.  Lots and lots of rain.
Business blossoms.
Grandma visits.
Drivers Ed for the boy in the middle.
Suppers under the heat lamp.
Our family is shaken to the core.  Hope seems far away.  Friends hold us together...and we will forever be grateful.

Life continues.  Christ has risen and we are all forgiven.  
Easter lunch.
Stitches (and a concussion) for Alex.
H1N1 (swine flu) for Brian.
Lots of walks around our lake.

Matthew solo's.  Beautifully, I might add.
That guy that I like so much has a birthday.
I have a birthday.  Cakes galore!
I get an award from work...and then get laid off.  And then rehired.

We (that guy that I like so much and I) celebrate 25 years of marriage.
The fig tree explodes with figs.
Matthew marches his last season of drum corps.
Alex keeps us on the go with his basketball schedule...and shaves off his hair.
Homemade pasta.
Our house is full of boys for the month...and constantly out of milk.  And bread.  And cereal.  And clean towels.
Lots (yet never enough) of bruschetta!

Brian performs on trumpet with the city youth band.
Matthew leaves on his final tour.
The cousins visit.
We travel to Lake Tahoe and play in the July!
Gas prices...ouch.

Alex has his Senior pictures.
All the (elder...I am sure they'll appreciate that word!) Busch siblings together...oh, the stories!
The fig tree...night after night we pick from you and you never run out!  (because you can NEVER have too many figs!)
BLT's with our very own tomatoes.
Just like figs, you can never have too many suppers in the garden.
Matthew returns home for a whole 2 days and then moves back to school.
I travel to Chicago, see Paul McCartney at Wrigley, handle some business,  spend time reconnecting with people I love and feel blessed!

Our little house on our little street gets a new (not visible to the naked eye...sigh) shade of yellow.
My boys, all together for a Sunday at church.
Grilled pizzas with proscuitto and figs.
We steal away to the mountains to pick apples.
The kitchen seems to be in a constant state of garden party recovery...but that's ok.
That guy that I like so much and I go swing dancing at Disneyland...and decide that maybe the lessons at the Senior center didn't get us quite up to speed.
Brian turns 13!!!

Supper at the beach, conveniently timed at sunset.
Jonah helps me realize that our life interruption is really a divine intervention.
Halloween and no to the rescue.
Jury duty?  Seriously?  Turns out to be fascinating and interesting and kinda sorta fun.

Alex becomes borg. (and has an ear infection.)
Autumn on our little street.
Beignets at the beach with my boyfriend.
Carciofi alla romana.
Matthew comes home for turkey.
So Cal puts on a mighty fine cloud display.
Alex, gulp, turns 18!

Alex plays some great thankful!
The grandparents visit.
We conquer Las Vegas...or rather, Las Vegas conquers us. 
M and M and M...Michael, Michele, Maggiano's.
Jesus is born.  All is calm.  All is bright.
New Years Eve at our friends with the most amazing Tres Leches Cake followed by It's A Wonderful Life...just the way a New Years Eve should be.  (minus the worrying for the older boys who are out.  sigh.)

2012?  We're ready for you!


Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Happy new year! I loved reading your year in review, and I am so glad it was a year when I could spend time with you. Some day I would love to be able to come visit you!

  2. Want to hear a funny story about that Tres Leche? So, I found last year's Christmasy decorations - cute snowmen, poinsettias, lanterns, etc - in the bread tins I use to make Julekage each Dec. (Christmas 'cake')and when those 2 loaves were gone, I put them in a 'very safe place' to decorate our New Year's Tres Leche (which looks sadly plain in your photo) But it was so 'safe', I couldn't find on the day! :-( Does that ever happen in your kitchen?


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