Sunday, January 1, 2012

The First Day of the New year

Last night we wandered down to our friends house a little bit before midnight.  It was kinda sorta creepy outside...a thick fog had settled over our neighborhood and it was damp and dark and quiet.

The weather seemed fitting of my mood.  I was actually feeling anxious...rushed almost, to say farewell to 2011.  It was just time for some closure...and time to begin anew.  Our friends had had a rough year as well, so together in the fog, we kicked it to the curb as we drank champagne and sang songs from musicals.

Corny.  Yes.
Fun.  Yes.

Today, the first day of the new year, we hung out at home working our way through all the Star Wars movies.  We've got the sniffles and the coughs covered and if I were you, I'd avoid us like the plague.  Breakfast was 'eggs in a basket'...a favorite of all my boys.  Lunch was who knows what and supper was ham with baked sweet potatoes.  We have so many sweets in this house that are all going in the trash tomorrow, but for today I just put everything on the kitchen counter and let everyone go to town.

A mom sponsored binge.


Welcome, 2012.  Welcome.

As for me and my houseful of boys, we're excited to get to know you.


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