Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picture Catch Up

Last night I made one of those dinners that kind of makes me cringe...mainly because it is one of those same color meals.

And I like color when I there's usually some sort of bright vegetable there.

But last night I made meatloaf and homemade macaroni and cheese (which isn't really macaroni and's macaroni baked with a bechemel sauce, no cheese, but don't tell my children) and succotash.

Yep, succotash. I've got a family of lima bean lovers.


The youngest shrub in our family is pickier than the rest but I am one of those meanie moms that makes them sit at the table and be polite and not don't have to eat it, but you have to sit and be polite.

(and eat a bowl of cereal later, if you want.)

Well, last night Brian discovered (by way of an older brother) that tabasco sauce is awesome.

(I disagree, by the way.)
And suddenly, he likes meatloaf.

That guy that I like so much is on Fall Break (basically just a 4 day weekend) so today we went on a little adventure while the boys were in school.

But first, there was the mother of all spiders. See if you can see him building his web near the tree...
Nasty. And big. Like...WAY big.
But that guy that I like so much got him and saved the day....which is a good thing because if he had missed, all would not have been well in our little world.

Anyway, today is sort of chilly and overcast and totally called for a food truck.

Or ten.

All in a parking lot, just waiting for us.
And fresh from The Great American Food Truck Race...Crepes Bonaparte.

(totally thought of you, Joanna!)

Their food looked yummy, but I wasn't hungry enough to eat from two trucks so I skipped it. This time.
Instead we went Greek and ate from the Louks truck. M had a lamb burger that looked amazing and I had a gyro. yummy!

(anyone want to food truck hop with me next week?)
Then a quick trip to Pier 1...
(he is a recliner)

...followed by a pumpkin spice latte from Peets.

And then home to finish jewelry orders...Christmas is a'comin!


And for those that is the best of the pictures that I got from the ball the other night.

Blurry and no flash. The funny part is that I had left the camera on our table and when I went to download them, there were tons of pictures of people I don't even know.

I loved, loved, loved my dress..a long black skirt and a black lacy top and really pretty sparkly dangly earrings.

Can you tell?



  1. I had a college friend who was Korean and thought all of our college food was bland. She used to put hot sauce on everything, including her scrambled eggs for breakfast. Right now I'm not even sure if we have any hot sauce in the pantry!

    In the meantime, Kate is discovering English food...potatoes for every meal including breakfast. She says a lot of their food is recycled from meal to meal to meal. Bleh!

  2. I'll go food truck hopping with you! Meatloaf ~ blah. Tobasco sauce ~ blah. Although Andrew won a contest for trying the hottest tobasco sauce - the kind you shouldn't try plain. Maybe Andrew and Brian should get together.

  3. I'll go truck hopping with you!!!

  4. I should add that I still remember my junior high home ec teacher telling us that a meal must have three different foods and that each food must be a different color. There are a few nights I have served a monochromatic meal and thought I'd get a failing grade ;-)

    Ever see the movie Fireproof? There is a scene in the movie in which two firefighters undergo a challenge to see who can drink a bottle of tobasco sauce first. (One was rigged--it was just tomato juice.) Andrew might appreciate it!


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