Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Raining, It's...

It's raining.

And thundering.

And lightning-ing.

Which in southern California is quite an event.

A wonderful event.


Today...Bible study followed by a 2 hour long lunch at Macaroni Grill with my best girlfriends followed by coming home in time to greet a soaking wet child who walked home without an umbrella or jacket (I like walking in the rain, too...) followed by homemade witches hats.
(white frosting colored orange, kisses and fudge stripe cookies...put a blob of frosting on an unwrapped kiss and stick it on the chocolate side of a cookie. ta-dah! witches hats!)

Followed by...gobble, gobble gobble.

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet?

I thought about it this morning, but resisted the urge...


  1. One huge box of regular size AirHeads for Halloween. I'll have to get another small bag, just in case we run out. We've been giving out full size AirHeads, and the kids seem to think they hit the jackpot, as they aren't the mini size. At least I won't eat them, which is why I buy them!

  2. I haven't bought candy yet. Since Kate won't be home to eat the leftovers, I'm not sure what I'll buy this year. Either way, there will be some sea-salted dark chocolate in the house for me :)


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