Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still Summering

For my brother-in-law...the millenium falcon cloud.

Just for you.


Skateboard camp until 1:00pm...hanging at the beach by 1:30pm.

Can't get much better for the youngest boy in our family.

I set up my chair and umbrella and spend most of time reading (currently...the 4th Harry Potter. So fun to re-read those books!) and dolling out snacks.

Being a mom is rough.
I thought today was payday (but it's not) so I payed all the bills yesterday.

Gotta love that.

So until payday (which is tomorrow) we are poor.

And thankful for overdraft.



  1. I am also rereading the Harry Potter books and am currently on book four. We are totally in sync! Wish I was reading mine on a beach instead of in bed after finishing work and more schoolwork (although I am grateful to have a job for one more year).

  2. Cute blog! You look like you have 3 fun boys!

    Followed you over from NFF.



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