Monday, August 2, 2010


We awoke to our street being dug up and the smell was icky, so we decided to load up the car with every boy that answered their phone this morning.

So now I'm sitting in my car at the skatepark, hacking into the Starbucks next door free WiFi.

I'm thankful.

It's the first day of summer vacation where we have absolutely nothing planned and Brian is already bored.


He has had non-stop camps for the last 5 weeks and is the kind of kid that likes to be busy. All my boys are...I mean, can't they just lay around and watch TV all day like normal American kids?

Trust me I've tried.

(come've thought the same thing, haven't you?)


So we came up with a list of things we would like to accomplish before school starts on September 2nd and it includes things like Wild Rivers and Knotts and buying new shoes and painting the inside of the pantry.

Gotta use up my free child labor while I've got it.
Last night we sat in the backyard and had the most perfect Sunday evening...pasta made by that guy that I like so much (while I read People magazine...what do you think The Bachelorette is gonna do tonight, huh?) using up lots of the things that we grew ourselves, tons of candles and great music and surrounded by my very favorite people. I actually got teary during the middle of it.


I am in a happiness bubble.

Though I did find out that Matthew will fly in on the 15th and move into his dorm on the 19th, so I will have only a couple of days with all my chicks at home in the nest where they belong.

I will say that that puts just a teeny tiny hole in my happiness bubble, but that's OK. I'll take what I can get.

Looks like the boys are finishing up...time to pay Starbucks back for their free internet.



  1. You're getting the boys hooked on Starbucks? Rachel loves going there. She must get it from her Uncle Mike or Aunt Denise. I don't go to Starbucks, as they don't sell Diet Coke! :-)

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