Friday, October 16, 2009

Weeks End

What. A. Week.


Let's see...Brian made brownies. Yum. The perfect snack to eat while watching The Biggest Loser.


That guy that I like so much and our youngest shrub (and me!!) hung out for a few hours at a very, very crowded Disneyland.

We rode the new Space Mountain and then park hopped over to California Adventure and rode Tower of Terror.

And then my boys rode California Screamin'.

I discovered something about myself. (shocker.) I used to LOVE roller coasters. And then I used to STILL love them but my body did not. And now I've learned that I just do NOT LIKEY them AT ALL.

So I watch while they scream.

Brian ate 18 inches of colored sugar.

The joys of being the youngest.
We bought tickets for a boys visit to see the Lakers play. Pre-season.

But as Alex would say...'that's better than NO season.'

Gotta love that kid.
Let's see...we also went to a neighborhood farewell for our neighbors who are moving across the pond for a new job. And I laughed so hard and so long (not about them moving...really!!) that I seriously lost my voice.

And, once again, I realized that God put us here for a is a special, special place. And I am so going to visit you guys on my next journey across the pond!!


I did lots of volunteering this week at Brian's school, lots of emailing to another sons school...again, and lots of praying for my oldest who is in Texas this week enjoying the humidity and vastness of open space.

Oh, and I worked my little part time job and cleaned my not real house (I promise to now let it go) and made an amazing beef stew with garlic mashed potatoes and thought about getting a flu shot and completely caught up on my Bible study.

And tonight we went to a soccer game to watch the baby of the family play on his school team.

And I noticed that sometime between last night and this morning that he grow-ed all up on me.

For reals.

Where oh where did my little babe go?

Alex got tipped over by his dad.
And I've noticed that he is all grow-ed up, too.

And the biggest news of the week?

Trader Joe's maple sandwich cookies. Run and buy them now.



  1. Don't forget the pumpkin pancake mix at Trader Joe's! I need to go back and stock up before it's all gone.

  2. I made them for breakfast this morning....except I did waffles. YUMMMMM!!!!!

  3. We're back from the choral festival on a dark and dreary evening, so I'm going to make the pumpkin waffles for dinner now. Hmmm...should I serve them with maple syrup or pumpkin ice cream? Then it's time for a nice toasty fire and a chick flick.


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