Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shopping Trip

This morning, after laying around (and after eating pumpkin waffles) for all of 47 minutes, that guy that I like so much declared, 'we're out of here!'

And so off we went to the not so local and somewhat far and away outlet mall for a day of finally spending those Christmas gift cards.

But first, we had to drive by our (once again, not so local but yet close enough to be uncomfortable) nuclear power plant.

Which looks....ummmm....strange.


That guy that I like so much SCORED and bought tons at the Banana Republic outlet. I bought a present for myself, that I could share with the girls.

And, just in case you are girls are cats. And I love my girls!

Doesn't it just ooze cuteness?
This box is my newest love. I promise to never break up with thee.

We have a very full houseful (minus my oldest, who is spending his Fall break in Texas) right now, so I need to go and cook a mass quantity of food. The Buff's are playing and it's HOT here (90!)...but the AC is on and all is well.

We could always just eat cookies, right?


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