Friday, October 9, 2009

Visiting Grandparents

My Mom and Tom are in town for a few days for a visit, spending time with their rather tall grandchildren.

Say CHEEEEEESE, boys...those are some BIG smiles.


Today after I took (and passed with 100%, sort of, my big test for work) we conquered IKEA.

And I fell in love with these adorable bottles, which will look so perfect filled to the rim with homemade limoncello.

My lemons aren't yet ripe (though my one fig is! woohoo...tomorrow we pick!) and I was there to buy candles.

But I cannot stop thinking about the bottles.


While driving today a car pulled up next to me and offered to fix my dents for cheap. And normally I would drive away without thinking twice, but today I thought twice.


BUT... he pulled out the big dent in the back of my car AND repainted my bumper.

And that made me happy.

Other things have made me happy this week, but I am so sleepy that I cannot elaborate. But I will. After I sleep.


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