Saturday, February 14, 2009

Val's Day

I am sitting here relieved that I found the concert tickets for tonight.

That guy that I like so much is sooo excited about this evening and I had to give him a heads up that somehow, sometime, somewhere...I couldn't find the tickets.

But then I remembered that I had given them to him for safe keeping...and there they were, tucked in his drawer with all his important guy stuff, like his gym locker combination and his cigar from some foreign country.

So tonight we have a big date...just me and that guy that I like so much.  Our youngest two will be home enjoying either Del Taco or Chik Fil-A...whichever one sounds better to them at 4:45pm when their daddy picks it up for them on his way home from work.

Cuz yes, in the joys of college life, today is an all day long scholarship audition fest in which bright young college bound hopefuls belt out their rendition of Silent Night and America the Beautiful.

And my Simon sits and chews on his pen.


After, we'll head to Maggiano's and to a concert.


I am not a valentines day-ish kind of girl...but I am looking forward to tonight.  Especially now that I found the tickets.


My mom and Tom were here for a had been a year and a half since we had seen them, so it was long overdo!  They came to see Alex play, which didn't happen, but they did get to see their eldest grandsons and play a bit in the SoCal sunshine.

For the locals...we went to Orange and walked my favorite antique places and yesterday walked Balboa Island and took the ferry, which they really liked.

Tom put a bunch of my house back together, which was awfully nice and my mom discovered TJ Maxx HomeGoods.  Not sure she'll ever be the same again.


Alex is doing well.  He's up.  He's walking.  The xray showed stuff, but it was probably previous injuries and the MRI will be on Monday morning.  He is in great spirits...they ended their season 27-1, with the only loss being against a sophomore team during some summer tourney.  

We have an awesome orthopedist and an even more awesome physical therapist...and a few weeks off before spring league begins.

All is well.



  1. You saw your mom last Christmas.

    If that cigar is sitting in a drawer Mike might as well just toss it, by now it is dry and crumbly.

  2. You're right! We couldn't figure out when it had been...but we did go last Christmas. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! =0)


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