Sunday, February 8, 2009


Friday night was an away game...and I'm pretty sure Alex never even broke a sweat.


He was in foul trouble within 2 minutes and it was a nail biter of a game...and Alex was stuck on the bench.


He did play the end of the game...until he fouled out, which happens when you get triple teamed, but he was a good sport about it all.  

Saturday was a concert at Concordia called Super Music for Super Heroes and was so, so cool.  Tons and tons of young families, all with children dressed up in their super hero costumes.  So cute!  I sure am missing that kid...
Driving home was a sight we never see...and it was gorgeous!
Last night we went to a grown-up dinner at Ruths Chris with some good friends and spent 4 hours laughing and talking and eating and drinking.

And it was free...thanks to a gift card we got for Christmas.  


M had an incredibly early morning as his choir was singing at a local church, so the boys and I followed them there.  

At a later hour, that is.

Our afternoon was spent inside on this cold, drizzly day...M napped, Brian built a K'Nex thingy he got for his birthday, Alex had friends over to play xbox and I watched 2 back to back Hallmark movies.


Supper was a true find.  Way in back of the outside freezer was a container of leftover turkey in gravy...not sure when I last cooked a turkey at home, but that doesn't matter one bit.  Anyway, made up some mashed potatoes, cooked some fresh green beans and warmed some hawaiian rolls and called the troops to the table.

Impressive, eh?

I even made up some chocolate cookie dough, so I'll bake a few for dessert.  The boys don't have school tomorrow...but that guy that I like does, so the boys and I and a bunch of their friends are going to the movies.  They all want to see the new Pink Panther and I am going to see whatever chick flick is playing around the same time.  Gotta love a plan.


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  1. Let us know if you find a good chick flick. I finally saw Fireproof over the weekend and just loved it. Next weekend I am planning to rent Nights in Rodanthe. I've read the book and know how it ends and wonder if the movie ends the same way. Either way, I'm figuring it's a good valentine day flick. Of course, Richard Gere is good to watch any day (although I don't think this movie will top Shall We Dance).


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