Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday Break

The land of sunshine has had the most incredible cloudy skies lately...the kind where you don't mind getting stuck at every red light while driving.

In fact...you hope you do.


After seeing The Pink Panther (funny...especially the beginning and the end.  Not sure about the middle cuz I took a little snooze!) and shopping for jeans, (praise God for Levi's 28X 35's for the tall skinny mutant in our family) the boys and I went to Strike for dinner and bowling.
But we didn't go alone!  We met up with friends to celebrate a big birthday for Katharine.  These boys have grown up together...and after umpteen travels and adventures, the oldest two are now roommates in college.


But utterly, utterly cool.


The middle guys are all sports and few words and the youngest two are all words.  All the time.

Love that.  Most of the time.

They finally conquered bowling.  With bumpers, of course.
It cost a million dollars, but was so.much.fun.  It would be cheaper if we had left the hungry children (4 of whom are teens...and 2 are POOR teens, so they ate alot!) at home, but it was a blast.

Beyond a blast.


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