Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

The guacamole is made.  The 7-layer dip is made.  Nacho's are ready to go.

Just waiting for the game to start.

I don't actually watch the game...but I do like the commercials and the stories about all the players, so I guess I do sort of watch the game.

I am reading a really good 'trashy' novel, so that'll be keeping me busy.  I also have old bread cubed and in a pan waiting to become bread pudding.  My garden needs to be watered, too...but other than all of that there is nothing going on.

But don't tell the people who invited us over for parties today.


Today is a beautiful sunny day and we are

We did go to church, of course, and to In n, so, SO yummy, though for the 1st time EVER (and I am not kidding!) they got our order wrong.  For reals.

Alex is at a friends house for a super bowl party...a friend who I never met before.  I know lots of the kids who are there with him, but I still needed to do the 'call the mother' thing.

And he was appalled.

Oh well.  Someday he too shall become a parent of a free spirit child and I will smile as I rock in my chair.


The mother, btw, was really grateful that I called her to ask about the party.  

So Alex is safe and sound at a super bowl party, Brian is on a bike ride to Sticky Fingers with a few of the neighborhood kids and one very, very nice dad and Matthew just walked in the door to watch the game.

I like that.

So if the snacks leave them hungry later, we'll order pizza and call it a day.  

Can't beat that.


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  1. That's what we are here for to appall our kids!

    Elizabeth called and said she saw the guy do the 100 yd run. She then paused and said, I guess that's a touch down!

    You can tell she grew up in a sports family.


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