Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm finding it hard to believe that it is already Sunday night...where oh where did the weekend go?

Friday night we were a family of three...Matthew was, well, away at college.  Alex was at his best friends birthday party around the corner and Brian was...10.  Cuz we have a college student AND a 10 year old, so the three of us had a date.

And ate crispy green beans and broccoli at PF Changs.  

Oh My.


(OH...and I got a text as we were leaving the restaurant to 'COME OVER NOW' from my girlfriend...the party was a co-ed party (with a bazillion chaperones, so I had no worries) and she thought I should come and observe.  Which I happily did, much to my son's dismay.

This mom gig is fun.


Saturday, Brian was going camping for the night with some friends of ours...he was ready to go 10 minutes early and waiting on the front porch.

So, so cute!
FINALLY (on time, Brian) they arrived...and off they headed to San Clemente, where two parents spent the night in a pop up camper with 4  rather chatty kids.

I need to stop laughing.

I then played my Christmas present that I couldn't wait for Christmas for...Animal Crossing for wii.

Mostest funnest game ever.  Ever.
Sunday morning we hopped the denominational lines and went to our neighborhood presbyterian church, which was so amazing for a few reasons...mainly, the trumpet player.  OK, so he was my eldest son, but still.  Plus, it was a totally different morning for us to leave for church 10 minutes before a service starts...something I could get used to.

So, minus the youngest shrub, we headed for the spectrum and cheesecake factory for lunch. are reversed.  After lunch we bought them new shoes.  

Back to cheesecake factory...pumpkin-pecan cheesecake.  Sick and wrong. Yep, sick and wrong.

Mini Me and his papa.
I am tooo tired to write about Brian's upcoming group science report and the crazy mother who scheduled a parents meeting tonight about it.  Because 'THEY MUST GET AN 'A''.

On a Sunday night.  For the 5th grade science project.


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  1. A "parents" meeting about homework? Give me a break! Group projects like that are done IN school. I imagine the mom is one of those that will go to a job interview with her child when he grows older! :)


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