Friday, November 21, 2008

Late Night

It's strange, but I am pretty sure I took more pictures than this last night...but then again, maybe I didn't?

Anyway, this is where I was last night...waiting in line for the 12:03 AM (not to be mistaken with the 12:01, 12:02. 12:04 or 12:05....those were different lines)  showing of Twilight.

I haven't done  a midnight showing of a movie since the last Star Wars movie came out and my crazy brother-in-law (sorry, Greg) who is crazy about Star Wars talked us into the crazy idea of seeing a midnight movie on the crazy day it opened because my crazy older boys would never forget it.

Call them and ask them if they remember.  They're crazy, so they probably do.


The spectrum was showing it on 5 screens at midnight and it was wild....absolutely wild.  Tons and tons of teeny boppers (did I just use that word?  oh my!) lined up all day long just to catch a glimpse of Edward Cullen.

I feel as if I did my part last night by upping the average age.


We got there at 8:30pm and waited in line.  And drank coffee.  And waited in line.  And waited in line.

Once in the theater it was even MORE wild...if you can believe that.  Girls cheering.  Girls weeping.  Girls talking, talking, talking.

Girls, Girls, Girls.

And we all know that I am not a 'real' mom because I don't have a daughter.  (I once had someone tell me that, believe-it-or-not)


Anyway, it was simply a sight to see. 

As for the movie?  OH MY.  Not sure if it was the hour and I was punchy or if was really just a bad movie?  BAD.

And so was the traffic getting out of the parking garage.


I realized again how blessed I am this morning...that guy that I like so much got the boys out the door for school, which meant that he left for his out of town conference later than he wanted to and had to sit in traffic for well over an hour just because he is one of those kinda people.

Thanks, honey.

So I slept in and am feeling like I just might be able to function today.  New tires and alignment, Christmas shopping, a trip to the post office and unloading the dishwasher are on the agenda for today. 

OH...and reading Midnight Sun online.  



  1. oh you just didn't like the movie 'cause you're not a real mom.

  2. You didn't like the movie because you not a real mom. You only have boys, all singletons, too. (yes, that's a word for single birth).

    I haven't read the books, and don't plan on seeing the movie. I think I might wait to see Australia. Gotta love men with accents!

  3. Oh Edward, bite me!

    No really, I want you to bite me!

    Did you like being a teenage girl again?

  4. I thought I raised you to be an "adult"!!!

  5. Kate has seen the movie twice already and plans to go a third time tomorrow. She liked it but sort of in the way of a Harry Potter movie--not nearly as good as the book. She loved Bella, Alice, and Jasper, but she thought Edward wasn't nearly pale enough...and they got the Cullen mansion all wrong. Of course, no mortal male could truly live up to any girl's expectation of Edward!

    I'll go to see it later this week, along with High School Musical 3. Maybe I could pretend I'm still a teenage girl!


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