Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Yesterday morning on the way to church.

Looks like smog.
Long Beach was covered and it was still snowing ash.  Yuck.  The fires are under control finally and the weather, thankfully, has changed.  

After, lunch at In n Out...and yes, I'd like flip flops with that.

Our carload of extremely grumpy people was now extremely less grumpy after eating things like triple triples and animal fries and good ole 7UP.

Gotta love In n Out.  Do something well and stick with it.

Off to pick up my car, which is still making me weep.  She needed close to $4,000 worth of work.  At Christmas time.  Out of the same paycheck as a root canal, basketball fees, a birthday, a vacation and regular everyday life.

It's OK...we don't need food.  

We are, in January, going from once a month paydays (brutal...all 13 yrs of it) to twice a month like real people.  It'll hurt at 1st and will take some juggling, but in the long run will be easier.

Ahhhh...the life of church work.


OH...and after writing the car check, I ran to Trader Joe's, where I proceeded to laugh a weird kinda laugh with the check out guy and felt the gum IN my mouth fly OUT of my mouth.  And not know quite where it landed.  And look up to see the check out guy, with a truly disgusted look on his face I might add, pointing to where it landed.  Near him.


OH, and this was after scratching a little itch on my back (I know, not ladylike) WHILE IN TRADER JOE'S and feeling something....and realizing it was NOT a tumor, but Alex's sock.  Under my shirt.  The shirt I had worn TO CHURCH.  

Shoot me now.

I then call M and in a loving tone (not, sigh) scream under my breath so that the people around me could not hear, "did you NOT look at me this morning and notice that there was a size 13 1/2 sock under my arm pit?????"

SO, I came home and cooked....mashed potatoes and roasted cippolini onions and green beans.

...and a huge hunk of pork roast.
Which I then fed to some of my very favorite people, whom we hadn't seen in forEver.  And ever.
I love family meals, where kids are screaming, champagne is yummy, everyone...including the college boy whom I miss so much, everyone is home and for dessert you plop the Halloween candy remnants on the table and let everyone go to town.

Two of mine.
One of theirs.
Was it yummy, Maddie?

 Today is a big's Bonnie Hunt day!


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