Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am supposed to be at bible study...it is Tuesday, after all.

Instead, I am home in my flannel jammies, homemade pumpkin muffins (some with chocolate chips) baking in the convection oven I can't seem to figure out, with one little boy all comfy on the couch watching cartoons and another not so little boy sound asleep in his room.

It's another no school day for us and I am hanging out with my boys.


It's going to be a rather quiet day, I think.  We need to run and pick up contacts (for Michael and Matthew) and order new glasses for Brian at Costco, plus Alex could really use a new pair of regular shoes.  

Other than that, I have a late hair appointment and the boys have a sushi date with their dad...and then I am out for a girls night.  Unless I ditch and go sit in Barnes and Noble with a pumpkin spice latte.


Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am SO ready to have all my boys home together...ready for the chaos that a houseful of boys create in a tiny house.  

Can't wait.



  1. "plus Alex could really use a new pair of regular shoes"

    In Southern Cal?

    Yeah Right!!!

  2. I'm jealous. I wish I had off school today. We don't have any days off between Labor Day and Thanksgiving :(

    I'm taking off Friday, but that's not a fun day. I'm going to a memorial service for a student who was in my class the year before last.

    At least Thanksgiving is in sight!


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