Monday, June 29, 2015

One Week Into Summ

I have a summer list and on it are the following things:

paint the house
clean out all the closets
organize the kitchen
have garden parties
watch hallmark movies

And so far, I am failing miserably.

Let's see...we've had a few garden parties and I think I've watched a show or two but for the most part we have been on the go, go, go.

Matteo was in SoCal and both he and Bri had a morning off...they're both on the road teaching drum and bugle corps for the summer.  We breakfasted at Snooze and soaked up the few hours we had...I'm loving those times as a mama now that my boys are beginning to make that trek into the real world.

It's so fun to watch them live life and listen to them tell their tales.


That guy that I like so much knows I have a thing for the California missions and we're slowly crossing them off the list.  We visited Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside and it is so beautiful, especially the cemetery.

I love cemeteries...they are so quiet and it's fun to wonder what their lives were like.

I've visited 7 or 8 missions now and some day, we'll do them all as one big road trip.

Right, honey?


We have eaten out soooooo much in the last few weeks and we're all just kinda over it.  Brian's basketball games are all away and all begin at 5:30 or 6:00, so we've just been picking up things to go.  

Alex finally came home and asked if we were ever going to have 'real' food again...and he wasn't asking in a rude or snotty way.

Finally, we had a night home and I made a fast meal and it tasted so good.  Nothing fancy...chicken and a pasta with asparagus and proscuitto but sometimes simple is just the way to go.  

Last week we bought a box full of the freshest, most delicious peaches I have ever had...our whole house smelled like a giant peach tree.  We're big fruit and vegetable eaters here but even we couldn't devour these fast enough, so into the blender a bunch went and they became the bestest bellinis ever.



My age caught up with me a bit.  We had a garden party for my girlfriends birthday and suddenly the disco ball AND a microphone made an appearance and the dancing began and while I like to think I am still 18 and can dance the night away, the next morning I could barely move.


But man oh man,  it sure was fun.

On another day last week, we drove to Pasadena to the Rose Bowl to watch a drum and bugle corps show.  Matteo is the trumpet instructor for PC and their show is fun this year but my real loves, Phantom Regiment, are phenomenal this season.

Not according to the judges, sadly, but according to me.  

Here's us.  We've spent a lotta time in the car together lately and a lotta time in traffic.

Not the norm in our real, every day lives but seriously, how do people do this day in and day out?  It's  exhausting.

And then, while sitting 59 rows up at the Rose Bowl and smack dab on the 50 yard line, the call came that Brian was on his way to the ER in Lake Tahoe.  He was up there for a tournament, fell during a game and hurt his fracture but there's an issue with his tendon.  They put it in a cast and he's home now; we'll be at the Dr's tomorrow.

Poor baby.  Basketball ends next week but football begins...praying it's nothing major.

I'm just glad he's ok.  There's nothing like your baby being hurt and you're not there...and we are ALWAYS there.  His coaches know us well and handled it all but still.


While waiting for Brian to get home I did a bazillion loads of laundry...was that on my summer list?  Was lots of drs visits on the list?  How about stress and worry and maybe even a little panic?

Time to ditch the list and just live life, eh?


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