Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oh Boy, It's Been Awhile

It's the end of yet another school year and it's been all about the rush, rush, rush and the go, go, go and the oh no, oh no, oh no and the I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

Basically, I'm tired.  And a little grumpy.  And so very, very thankful for grace because I've been a tad bit snippy to the ones I love most of all.  

Life has a way of just moving along at a breakneck speed and it's sort of unnerving.  I blink and weeks have passed and you know what?  There's still laundry that's not done.  The pantry is still a mess.  The fridge could use a serious cleaning.  

Seriously....if I do finally catch up and then blink and weeks have passed and it all needs to be done again and does anyone else ever feel like they can't pull it all together?

Then there's that simple thing called grace that swoops in like a warm summer breeze.  It just makes everything feel ok.  What a gift.  I guess I just don't understand why life is so very mean spirited right's hard for me to watch the tele or read the news or even facebook for goodness sake without wanting to jump off a bridge.  What happened to grace?  Forgiveness?  Sharing pictures of what we've eaten or of fun times with friends or calls for help with something that's troubling you?

It's so easy to pounce, to judge, to label.  Grace, my friends, grace.  As a community, let's all play nice and show some grace.

Ok...where was I?


The babe of the family is racing to the finish line of his Junior year of high school.  The SAT is Saturday, finals are the week after, the summer sports camps are paid for and mean that there will be beans for dinner for the next month.  But whew...I'm thankful for the option of beans, though they're not the best choice if you live with a houseful of males.


The middle boy is still in a holding pattern and who knows how long that will be for, but the wheels are in motion and he's waiting for 'the call'.  I'm not so good at waiting and want to call someone to tell them to make the call but I'm pretty sure they don't want to hear from the boy who's waiting for the call's mama. 

So, we wait.

In the meantime,  he's my lunch partner and the dog walker and the workout maniac. 

Matteo arrived back home last weekend and is here this week.  He'll use our house as a camp out spot for the next month before heading out on tour for the summer as an instructor with a drum and bugle corps.

Having him back home has added a whole new level of loudness here...the poor guy just can't catch a break from brothers two and three who think it's fun to poke fun at him pretty much non stop.  Unless he's making bacon, which he does really, really well.

I'm waiting (and kind of hoping) that his quiet self hauls off and knocks some sense into one of them while I turn the other way.  

How's that for grace filled mothering?  


My fridge is once again packed full of milk and eggs and meat.

Feeding boys?

There is nothing I love more.  


Oh...BuddytheDog is as cute as ever.  No pictures today, but stay tuned.


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