Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Air Is Crisp

The weather is turning here...the sun still shines just as brightly and the weather man still tells of hot days, but it's taking a bit longer for it to warm up and at night?  Blankets that have been folded on the end of the bed are now being pulled up to keep us warm.

I love this time of year.  I'm dreaming of pumpkin scented candles and hot tea and long, hot baths.


We are now all fully submerged in work and school and activities.  Brian's schedule is CRAZY...super hard classes (yet another kid with his fathers brain) and football (varsity and JV, which means two different games each week) and fall basketball (don't even ask) and the all important social life.

Trust me, the moment he looks like he can't handle it things will be cut...but he is my child who loves to be busy.  The only problem is that his busy means I'm busy.


 Matthew and Bri came out for the weekend.  He had taken our car to move and had to switch it back...we fixed his up for him and now mine is lit up like a Christmas tree inside.  Never knew that many lights could be on on a car dash.  It's next on the docket to get fixed but, checking account says 'not right now, my friend' and so it will wait.

All in good time.  All in good time.

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed...and confused.  Work has been so busy...the beginning of the school year always is.  I deal with some difficult people and to be honest, I'm just don't get all of it.  There's the standard complaints and problems to fix and then things come up where I just have to the person who I emailed regarding her work availability and she's billing me for the the time it took her to read the email and respond to it.  Seriously.

I cannot stop laughing about it.  

Here's the deal...this is just a job to me.  I do it so I can fix my cars and buy some groceries and go out to the occasional fun dinner with that guy that I like so much.  Don't get me wrong...I love what I do (or I wouldn't do it) but my calling?

Keeping up with my boys in this little house on this little street.  Praying.  Worrying.  Cooking.  Trying to make life a bit easier for that guy that I like so much.  

That, my friends...that is my calling.  

As for this week's plan.  I've got a freezer full of know, the random ziplocs full of mystery things that you hate to toss because it's wasteful but you're not quite sure what's really in them.  So this next week or so, that's what suppers will revolve around.  That outside freezer needs to be thawed and cleaned in preparation for winter and so this is the perfect time to do it while the weather is still warm.

Other than goal for the week is to tell everyone who I love that I love them.  Because I do...and I'm feeling like life is just a bit fragile right now.

And to those of you from the two big universities in the two big cities who are required to read this blog daily for the next few months...welcome aboard.  The above picture is of my little family, minus one very cute blond girl who was out of town for the weekend.  I like all of them...a lot. 

I'll be coming to meet ya'll towards the end of your semester...until then, make yourself comfortable.  This is my safe comments are published because really,  would you want people reading your diary and commenting on how you could do things differently or better?  Yeah, me either.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.  You're assignment this week?  Join me in telling those you love how much you really do.


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