Friday, September 19, 2014

A Recap Of the Week


Baking.  Pumpkin bars, texas sheet cake, m&m cookies, oatmeal/cranberry/white chocolate chip cookies.

All for that guy that I like so much and his adult choir.  The outside temp?  95.  The inside temp? 77.

Can't wait to get that bill.



This dog.  Oh my.  How much can one mama love one dog?  We had a visit from the rescue and when she told us that if he had gone to the pound, he would have been considered unadoptable (due to his timidness) and would've been put to sleep...well, I just started to cry.

He is just the best dog ever...even if he does drool all over my computer when he wants attention.



A text from my boy, the photo bomber.  Also, a text from the oldest boy that he got the job he was hoping for.

Thankful for texting.


A pre football game greek lunch with that guy that I like so much.  Moussaka for me (I like my girlfriends MUCH better....I sure hope she makes it again soon.) and gyros for him.  It was a heavy lunch...not just food wise.

My girlfriend had a massive brain aneurysm and while her recovery is going to be long and complicated, she is alive.  Young, healthy and she almost died this morning.

Add it to the list of people whom I love who are hurting.  It's too much right now...too much.

Thursday more:

We went to Brian's away football game and during the 3rd quarter, Brian tackled a boy.  Hard.  The boy went down with a major compound fracture, had a seizure and couldn't be moved until they stabilized him.  For 45 minutes the game was delayed and Brian was pretty shook up.  Yes, it's part of the game but it was a rather gory accident and very, very traumatic.

On the way home I just cried...cried for that boy and for my boy and my friends and my family.

My heart...heavy.  Very heavy.

And FYI...not many injuries in marching band.  


More football.  Varsity this time.

Three cars being fixed at three different places.  


A clean house.

This weekend?

Cooler temps.

Not a whole lot of plans.

A garden.


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