Friday, September 12, 2014

Life This Week

This little guy, my baby, turned 16. 

Blink, blink, blink.

He was just a little thing yesterday, wasn't he?

None of my boys are big sweets eaters...not quite sure where I went wrong with that.  His choice this year was a giant cookie...which was a great idea until it bubbled over in my oven.

Gotta love the 'something's burning smell'...or not.  Time to clean the oven, I guess.


Buddy the dog got a new collar.  He's so proud.  And cute.


Presents fit for a 16 year old...but I think his favorite is the fact that his drivers test is scheduled.  This boy is anxious for keys and while I'm not ready, I also am.  It will be soooo nice for him to drive himself to and from school and practices...but I'll miss his stories in the car.

 Thanks to football and tackling...well, this is my handy chiropractor whose name just so happens to be Dr Handy.  Love him and in turn, I shell out lots of money to fact, he drives a pretty nice car that I'm pretty sure I make at least a couple of those payments on for him.

Worth it, but still.


And because I can't help myself...another of Buddy the dog.

I. Love. Him.

A lot.

Like, a really lot.


A quick lunch at Disneyland followed by a little toy story competition.  I, of course, did not win but it was closer than usual.

I like this guy a lot, too.  He just makes life...well, fun.  

Football.  I've gone from being a nervous mama to one of those who yells things like 'pummel him!' and 'go for the knees' and all sorts of things that make absolutely no sense.

I know, I know, I know.

It was bound to happen; I mean, it always does with me.  I tell myself to be quiet and then I forget to listen.  It's kinda ok during games...I need to remember when I am in a concert setting to not belt things out.


Happy weekend, everyone.  It's going to be a hot one here in SoCal...I am so ready for Fall weather to come and stay.  Soon, but not yet.  

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